This 4 Week Training Plan is is specifically designed to improve Muscular Endurance and Cardiovascular Fitness through the swimming workouts. This should help you to build muscle and burn body fat.


This training plan is perfect for those looking to switch up thier training regime or those suffering from injuries where weight bearing exercise is not possible.


This training plan was designed based on a Short Course Swimming Pool; a swimming pool that is 25m in length. However, it also includes how many lengths you should perform if you will be using an Olympic‐Size Swimming Pool.


Each individual workout should last approximately between 20-60 minutes.


You can perform any stroke you desire for these workouts such as Freestyle (Front Crawl) stroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly or Backstroke.


This training plan is a progression of the TP ‐ Swimming Training Plan (Beginner / Intermediate). Be sure to check it out if you are looking at increasing your swimming ability and fitness before completing this more advanced training plan.



  • 16 total sessions (4 sessions per week)
  • Progress Tracker
  • Swimming, Exercise, Lifestyle & Nutrition Advice
  • Latest Exercise Science Calculations


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TP - Swimming Training Plan (Advanced / Elite)