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A biography of Tom Urquhart
Tom Urquhart wearing a hoodie and a hat
Tom Urquhart balancing a ball on his neck
Tom Urquhart wearing a suit
A biography of the education of Tom Urquhart

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          Here at TURQ PERFORMANCE, our goal is to help people become healthier, more athletic and to increase performance not only in sports but in everyday life. Our aim is to improve human performance, with the goal of developing the complete athlete, by working on the 4 factors vital to improved performance and success: Technique, Physique, Psychology and Social.

          Our primary purpose is to use our exercise background and sporting experience to help others improve every aspect of their life and become the best person they can be. We work with people of all fitness backgrounds and ages in order to provide an awareness of the tools necessary to lead a healthy, active lifestyle whilst having fun

          We believe that conscious and purposeful repetition is key for learning and mastering new skills. If you take the time to consciously and objectively look at improving your skills every day you will see great improvements and results in the long run.     


         Improving sport performance for competitive athletes through appropriately designed training programs is crucial to success. We care to provide top quality Online Coaching, Training Plans and Personal Training for our in-person and online clients, which are structured on the latest evidence-based research and include the most up-to-date training methods in the fitness industry. 

          The aims of our Social Media accounts are to provide motivation for people to exercise and give prospective clients a glimpse of our training methods.

          Excellence in athletic performance is the result of sound skill and physical training accompanied by appropriate diet, optimal rest and recovery cycles. We aim to share our sporting and exercise knowledge with clients and athletes, in order to enhance their performance and provide them with the skills needed to reach their peak potential. Our goal is to PROMOTE EXCELLENCE.

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