• 4-Week Personalized Training Program
  • 3x per Week (12 Training Sessions)
  • Access to the TrueCoach app to view, edit and record your workouts. You will also receive videos for the majority of the exercises thorugh the app.


On purchase, you will be sent an online form to fill out so we can gain more information about you, so we can adapt the training program to your specific needs. 


The program will then be written based on your answers to the questions in the online form, which will focus on these areas: 

  • Personal Information

  • Health & Fitness Goals

  • Exercise History

  • Current Training Status

  • Sport (if you're an athlete)

  • Equipment & Resources

  • Injuries & Limitations

  • Occupation

  • Nutrition


You will receive your 4-Week Personalized Training Program within 1 week of filling in the form and will gain full access to us through the app in case you have any questions about the workouts.

Online Coaching - 3x Week (12 Training Sessions)