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This package consists of 4 training plans:

  • Core Training Plan #5
  • Core Training Plan #6
  • Core Training Plan #7
  • Core Training Plan #8


Each training plan consists of 16 workouts, which adds up to a total of 64 workouts in this package. The training plans are progressive which means over the course of the 64 workouts your Core Strength/ Hypertrophy should improve and this should help you to build muscle and burn body fat.


Each individual Core workout should last between 5-15 minutes.


This Core Macrocycle 2 progressess on from the Core Macrocycle 1.


This training plan features Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite fitness categories for certain exercises. This is so the exercises can be adapted to your current fitness level so you can progressively overload your fitness. In other words, this plan caters for the beginner all the way through to the athlete and features progressions to move up between the categories as your fitness increases.



  • 4 Training Plans
  • 64 Core Workouts (16 workouts per training plan)


On purchase, the training plans will be sent to your email address as a Zip file.

Core Macrocycle 2

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